Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Me & My Kancil

Yesterday was the very trying day for me and my kancil. Let me explain.

In the morning, I accidentally left my car key in the car and locked myself outside. As this is not the first time that is happens, I already know what to do. I went to a restaurant nearby and borrowed a fork. I managed to use the fork to open the back door and it was done.

In the later morning, about 10.30am, I noticed some strange noice out of the tyres and went down and check. No problem. However, after another 5 minutes drive, I heard familiar noice and true enough, one of my tyres punctured. Well, as this is also not my first experience, very calmly I got it fixed on my spare tyre and off I went.

In the evening, about 5pm, after coming back from bank, my car engine just wouldn't start. Lights ok, alarm ok, dashboard endicators all ok. I used to have battery problem but it was not like this. I know something was not right this time. Upon checking and trying a few more times, couldn't figure out. Called my brother in law, who came 1 1/2 hour later, tried jump start the car. No. So, off he went and I called Kurnia AutoAssit. Mechanic arrived at about 8:40pm and got the car started in 15 minutes time. But I was informed that my starter is faulty and need to either service or replace it. After reaching home, truned off the engine, car wouldn't start again.

Well, now you see what I mean?

5pm - 8.40pm ... what did I do?

I prayed ... prayed and prayed. I praised Him for all these as I manage to see the good things that came out of all these.

Firstly, I kept on reminding myself to be patient and calm. This is done by knowing in my heart that He allows things to happen for my own good. I learn really how to quiet my heart and have peace despite the difficulties.

Secondly, I learn how to crank start a car without using the car key (without pushing it either). :-)

Thirdly, and most importantly, it gave me opportunity to sit down, relax, have a drink and read the Bible. I have been overloaded with a lot of things this past one week and I am really tired, to the point that I really felt like being torn a few ways buy all the seemingly important tasks to be taken care of. I have not been reading the Bible for the past 2 days. Now, I am glad that I could finally quiet my heart and do so. Instantly I was uplifted spritually.

When I think back ... huh ... now I know why things need to happen, for the good of me !

Sunday, November 28, 2004

How great is your love ?

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Would like to share some thoughts after reading a book entitled China: The Hidden Miracle by Ross Paterson & Elisabeth Farrell.

Lets put our imagination to work for a moment. Imagine you are a political leader with specific agenda, to remove the church of Jesus Christ from your nation. Suppose that you have more or less unlimited powers. What steps would you take to achieve your ends?

The following might be some useful steps:

1) Silence the Christian

Intimidate and arrest all national Christian leaders (killing can be negotiable). Even execute
some foreign missionaries who dare call themselves "missionaries". The remainders
are pressured into joining your version of church. Failing which, branding them as counter-
revolutionary criminals. Submit them to tools such as "accusatin meeting" and "re-education
program". Raise your own "christian leaders" so that they can report any undetected

2) Isolation

Intimidate the non-believers who befriend Christian until they regard ongoing contact with
the Christians is too dangerous and sometimes a fatal mistake.

3) Miscommunication

Take over contral of all channels of communications. Firstly, to exalt the glories of your
leadership and policies. Secondly, information about other countries, especially the
Christians, to be extorted by proclaiming their social and political "turmoil", corruption,
immorality and perversion. Make them believe that hardly anybody believes in Jesus in
foreign lands.

4) Peer-Pressure

Reward those who report Christian activities. Publicly reward those who persecute Christians
and punish in public those persecuted. Encourage betrayal among relatives, family members
and friends. Attach genuinely godly Christian leaders with false issues of moralitya and
perversion, publicly discredit them.

5) Helplessness

Detroy all Bibles and Christian literatures. Ban all printing activities in this area. Make it a
crime to import.

Ok. Now, so much for our gruesome flight of fancy. Actually, are all these still exist in today modern society? Look at China now, there are so open, socially and economically. These must be happening way... way back.


Lets concert in prayer and ask for God's revelation on this matter. Lets ask for God's burden so that we may see the wordly things through His perspective, on of our own flesh and blood. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Eph 6:12).

Finally, let me share with you a cartoon strip that I came across. Funny but very profoung.

One man said: "Soemtimes I will ask Him why He allows all the sufferings heppening around us when He can do somethings about them, if He wants."

The other man said: "Why not ask Him now?"

That man replied: "I am affraid that He will ask me the same question ! "

Lets ask God to lay upon us His burden for the lost and persecuted.


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Sharke Tale

With blessing in the name of Jesus, brothers and sisters:

I tell you the truth, the outing for the movie was much fun and enjoyable. Despite the heavy down pour, the challenging traffic condition, the dinner rush and the congested exist fromt the mall, I hope you enjoyed it as much as Jaya and I.

The movie was excellent. We like it. It is lots of fun, fun, fun ....

Fellowship session was all worth it, despite the late hour. We have great fun there too.

Soo, thanks for the "Puchong tour".

Need to go. Lightning.

To be continue ...

Thursday, October 21, 2004

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Kelvin: My Nepal Experience

As some of you have heard me shared, my mission trip to Nepal this time round was truly awesome and amazing. Your prayers made the difference! I went expecting it to be something like my last trip there but God has other plans. Proverbs 19:21 says, "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." And the Lord directed us to places we would never even have thought of going!

During one of our outreaches, our team ran smack into the Maoists' territory - even the locals with us were unaware that it was their territory. It was about 5.30pm on 21 Sep and were detained for 18 hours but no harm fell upon us as the Lord was with us and amazingly, they also did not take anything from us. Praise God! Everyone in our team felt at peace. We spent the nite in an upper room in their hut, with a few of them sleeping among us. When we were there, God spoke to me that He loves the Maoists as much as He loves us.

When we got up the next morning, we requested for permission to sing some worship songs which they allowed us to. As we worshipped the spiritual atmosphere changed from that of uncertainty to that of peace and joy. One of them came to ask us about our songs. We witnessed to him and he was convicted to give his life to Jesus! (like Paul & Silas' experience in Acts 16?)

During our 18-hour stay there, we managed to build relationships with them. They shared with us about their love for their country and also showed us their grenades and stuffs. At about 1pm the next day, I asked the Lord how long more are they going to detain us. The Lord told me that it was not them who were holding us but it was Him who had brought us there and He will decide when we could leave - it would not be a minute earlier or a minute later. Immediately after God spoke, one of the Maoists came with news from their HQ that we were allowed to go. What a faithful God we serve! Before leaving, we said a prayer for them. They even gave us an "official farewell" by making us stand in a row and presenting us with a flower each.

God's presence was truly with us. There were many security checkpoints as we were returning to Kathmandu city on 23 Sep. We passed the last checkpoint at Tankot at 6.45pm. We discovered the next day that checkpoint was bombed by the Maoists at 7.45pm. The Lord's hand was truly upon the team! Hallelujah!

Back at our hotel the next day, the Lord prompted us to fast and pray and we had a 4-hour power-packed prayer and intercession time. There were many visions, confirmations and prophesies. The Lord's presence was so strong that everyone cried buckets of tears that day. We saw Jesus and His army of angels victoriously conquering two very important high places as we prayed - namely Mt Everest and Pasupatinah Temple. The Lord also laid upon our hearts a burden for this land and its people. He revealed to us that He will bring revival to this nation over the next 7 years and we claim that in the Name of Jesus.

Even as we walked the streets in Kathmandu, many were open to the gospel and readily put their trust in Jesus. Praise God for the many souls that were ushered into His kingdom!

Once again, thank you so much for upholding us in prayers! Jayamasihi (Victory to the Lord) & dhanyabad (thank you)!

Sunday, September 05, 2004


Praise the Lord...Hallelujah!!!!! Amen......

I guess you guys know what I'm referring to right?., Yah lah!!!! The Baptism ....

Yehhh... I am excited, happy, and....... looking forward fo more joy... in my life...
Wow.... I wanna thank Kelvin Yong and his beautiful wife...Stephenie Yong.. you guys are really great people. Getting to know you guys, working with the Lord you know, its really something speacial... thanks Kelvin for bringing us up. May the Lord bless you.

Thanks to all the cell members: Brothers and Sisters.... you guys and gals are significant in my life.. bring me joy and closeness.. i'm indeed gratefull. May the Lord bless you all... Amen.!!!!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

The miracle Of Agape Love

Took this picture on the way back from Kuantan 2 weeks ago. How powerful the ray of the sun that not only causes the cloud to shine with silver lining, but also that it can be seen spread beyond the thick cloud.

Just finished the book "The miracle of Agape Love" by Joseph Manning. Very inspiring and after putting some thoughts into practice, I am feeling great.

Agape Love means godly love. Lord Jesus commanded us to love one another. I believe He meant unconditional love. Being human, too often I fail to achieve this standard of love. This book provides the answer.

Since we cannot love other with our human minds and heart, we pray for God to pour His Agape Love into our hearts so that we are able to love unconditionally, even our enemies ! Sounds unbelievable? I thought so too. However, after putting this into practice, I am much much better at loving other.

So, what did I do?

We (Jaya & I) were invited for a family gathering on Tuesday (Merdeka Day). However, Jaya was not very comfortable with it. We had some misunderstanding a few months back. (I am over it, no problem). So, I could sense her tension before going there. Together we prayed. We seeks God's help. We asked for Him to fill our hearts with His unfailing love. We prayed that He fill our hearts so full with His love that it overflows to affect people around us. The result .. you should see the way she move around them, mingling with them. Praise the Lord.

I have been praying daily for God to fill my heart with His Agape Love so that I could love people that my human ability fails to love. I recommend this if facing someone that you don't like is inevitable in your daily routine. If you cannot fight them, love them !